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Our artists

Eugen Mahu

The owner of PICTI Tattoo Gallery Gorinchem is an artist who follows his passion with a diploma from art school in hand. He has been tattooing since 2000. What began as a hobby quickly became his profession and an essential part of his life. Eugen is enamored with the beauty of the Art Nouveau style, which he expresses throughout the studio. As an expert in photorealism tattoos, he creates lifelike tattoos. Additionally, Eugen is also a Proteam artist of Quantum Tattoo Ink and Ink n Art Events, and can be found at numerous tattoo conventions worldwide.
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Dimitrii Mashtabba

Meet our resident artist Dimitrii at PICTI Tattoo Gallery Gorinchem, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. With over 14 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Dimitrii pays close attention to composition, color schemes, and concept. He enjoys working in various styles but has a preference for realism and decorative styles. As an all-round artist and expert in realism and black & grey tattoos, he brings a unique combination of skills and passion to every tattoo he designs and creates.
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Mary Key

Meet our guest artist at PICTI Tattoo Gallery Gorinchem, a talented artist who graduated from both art academy and university. After her studies, she aspired to make the world more beautiful by tattooing people. Mary Key has participated in various competitions and has won awards. Additionally, her work has been published in magazines. Over the years, she has discovered that Japanese tattoo, new school, neo-traditional, and realism are her favorite tattoo styles. Creating harmonious sketches is an essential part of her workflow. Mary Key is also specialized in color and photorealism tattoos. As a Proteam member of Ink n Art events, she brings forth her artistic vision and expertise.
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